Adeptio coin vision update and news

Dear adeptio coin community,

after long debates in our team, we decided to change the course from official white paper statement where adeptio eXchange introduced. After months of hard code work and wallet updates we decided to move more practical way – Block Chain storage & streaming solution.

We have a plan for encryption, streaming, security requirements, bandwidth issues and scaling capability measurements. Right now a baby step code written in python. To help us test and develop the project we included “adeptioStorade” service and auto-updater in Adeptio v1.0.0.3 daemon release.

For current stage, only new, fresh build up masternodes running systemd services:

sudo systemctl status adeptiocore
sudo systemctl status storADEserver

If you have basic linux, blockchain knowledge and want to participate:

hot or cold auto-masternode installation scripts can be found here:

Hot masternode installation guide can be found in our blog:

How to setup adeptio hot masternode on Linux VPS?

“AdeptioStorade” technical documentation working principles, encryption, socket working conditions will be published later on.

Adeptio dev team