How to setup adeptio cold masternode on Linux VPS?

This method no longer accurate and deprecated.

Please use adeptio Wiki page to get the latest instructions

A step by step guide how to create own Adeptio Masternode Server

There are different ways to set-up a masternode. This method requires a Virtual Private Server, eliminating the need to run your own computer 24/7. Your funds are stored on cold wallet not VPS. A safe and secure mechanism for your investment.

The following requirements are needed to set-up a adeptio coin masternode:


  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server.
  • CPU: 1 fast core or more
  • Memory: 1024MB or higher
  • Disk: 20GB or higher
  • Network: 100 Mbps or faster
  • Static IPv4 or IPv6
  • Coins: 10 000 ADE. (You can buy it here)


Login with ssh to your virtual machine, server or computer. You can use regular user with sudo rights (safer) or root. For example:

ssh [email protected]

or if you are using putty sofware:

Once we logged in to VPS we should see something similar:

Now we can use installation scripts from official adeptio github repository.

You can manually review installation script code:

Code for IPv4

Code for IPv6

If you want to setup IPv4 cold masternode – copy the following line and paste to linux VPS console:

cd ~/ && sudo apt-get install curl -y && bash <(curl -s | tee ~/adeptio_masternode_installation.log

If you want to setup IPv6 cold masternode – copy the following line and paste to linux VPS console:

cd ~/ && sudo apt-get install curl -y && bash <(curl -s | tee ~/adeptio_masternode_installation.log

Next follow instructions during installation. You should get this message at some point:

Shutting down daemon, reconfiguring adeptio.conf, we want to know your cold wallet masternodeprivkey (example: 7UwDGWAKNCAvyy9MFEnrf4JBBL2aVaDm2QzXqCQzAugULf7PUFD), please input now:

Minimize your VPS window, open your adeptio coin GUI wallet from Windows/macOS/Linux:

Wait for wallet sync’ 100%.

Make sure you have 10 001 ADE or more in your wallet. (You can buy it here)

Click Tools > Debug Console

Type in to Console: 


Copy new address from the console output (this is your new wallet address).

Send exactly 10 000 ADE to new wallet address you just created. (Please note: you are sending coins from yourself to yourself. From one wallet address to another)

Once sent, again Click Tools > Debug Console and type:

masternode genkey

Copy the output to notepad. This is your masternode privkey. Minimize your GUI wallet window.

Maximize your Linux VPS window which asks to insert a masternode privkey and paste it. Click enter.

Wait for auto installer finishes the setup it could take for a while until you get the result:

Setup completed. Please start a masternode from Cold Wallet

Copy “Your external IP addr” to notepad.

Close your Linux VPS window. Maximize your GUI wallet window once again.

Click Tools > Debug Console and type:

masternode outputs

Copy the output to notepad.

Before you can close the adeptio GUI wallet you should have had coppied this information:

Your external IP addr of VPS
Masternode outputs result
Masternode genkey result

Close adeptio GUI wallet. We need to edit the config file in adeptio content folder.

For Linux open a file: 
For Windows open a file:
C:\Users{Your User Name}\AppData\Roaming\ADE\adeptio.conf
Paste at the bottom this text and save the file: 

Close it. Open another file in the same directory. If it not exist – create it. File called: masternode.conf

For Linux: 
For Windows:
C:\Users{Your User Name}\AppData\Roaming\ADE\masternode.conf

Once opened, delete all the content and paste new one:

YourMasternodeName YourexternalIPaddrofVPS:9077 MasternodeGenkeyresult MasternodeOutputsResult 0 or 1

YourMasternodeName – could be anything. For example: mymn1

Save the file and close it. Start GUI wallet. Wait for sync’ 100%. Click masternode tab. You should see a masternode you just created. Click Tools > Debug Console and type:

masternode start-alias yourMasterNodeNameHere

Wait for half an hour and check if it’s on masternode list:

Congratulations the setup completed.

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Adeptio coin vision update and news

Dear adeptio coin community,

after long debates in our team, we decided to change the course from official white paper statement where adeptio eXchange introduced. After months of hard code work and wallet updates we decided to move more practical way – Block Chain storage & streaming solution.

We have a plan for encryption, streaming, security requirements, bandwidth issues and scaling capability measurements. Right now a baby step code written in python. To help us test and develop the project we included “adeptioStorade” service and auto-updater in Adeptio v1.0.0.3 daemon release.

For current stage, only new, fresh build up masternodes running systemd services:

sudo systemctl status adeptiocore
sudo systemctl status storADEserver

If you have basic linux, blockchain knowledge and want to participate:

hot or cold auto-masternode installation scripts can be found here:

Hot masternode installation guide can be found in our blog:

How to setup adeptio hot masternode on Linux VPS?

“AdeptioStorade” technical documentation working principles, encryption, socket working conditions will be published later on.

Adeptio dev team