How to setup adeptio cold masternode on Linux VPS?

This method no longer accurate and deprecated.

Please use adeptio Wiki page to get the latest instructions

A step by step guide how to create own Adeptio Masternode Server

There are different ways to set-up a masternode. This method requires a Virtual Private Server, eliminating the need to run your own computer 24/7. Your funds are stored on cold wallet not VPS. A safe and secure mechanism for your investment.

The following requirements are needed to set-up a adeptio coin masternode:


  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server.
  • CPU: 1 fast core or more
  • Memory: 1024MB or higher
  • Disk: 20GB or higher
  • Network: 100 Mbps or faster
  • Static IPv4 or IPv6
  • Coins: 10 000 ADE. (You can buy it here)


Login with ssh to your virtual machine, server or computer. You can use regular user with sudo rights (safer) or root. For example:

ssh [email protected]

or if you are using putty sofware:

Once we logged in to VPS we should see something similar:

Now we can use installation scripts from official adeptio github repository.

You can manually review installation script code:

Code for IPv4

Code for IPv6

If you want to setup IPv4 cold masternode – copy the following line and paste to linux VPS console:

cd ~/ && sudo apt-get install curl -y && bash <(curl -s | tee ~/adeptio_masternode_installation.log

If you want to setup IPv6 cold masternode – copy the following line and paste to linux VPS console:

cd ~/ && sudo apt-get install curl -y && bash <(curl -s | tee ~/adeptio_masternode_installation.log

Next follow instructions during installation. You should get this message at some point:

Shutting down daemon, reconfiguring adeptio.conf, we want to know your cold wallet masternodeprivkey (example: 7UwDGWAKNCAvyy9MFEnrf4JBBL2aVaDm2QzXqCQzAugULf7PUFD), please input now:

Minimize your VPS window, open your adeptio coin GUI wallet from Windows/macOS/Linux:

Wait for wallet sync’ 100%.

Make sure you have 10 001 ADE or more in your wallet. (You can buy it here)

Click Tools > Debug Console

Type in to Console: 


Copy new address from the console output (this is your new wallet address).

Send exactly 10 000 ADE to new wallet address you just created. (Please note: you are sending coins from yourself to yourself. From one wallet address to another)

Once sent, again Click Tools > Debug Console and type:

masternode genkey

Copy the output to notepad. This is your masternode privkey. Minimize your GUI wallet window.

Maximize your Linux VPS window which asks to insert a masternode privkey and paste it. Click enter.

Wait for auto installer finishes the setup it could take for a while until you get the result:

Setup completed. Please start a masternode from Cold Wallet

Copy “Your external IP addr” to notepad.

Close your Linux VPS window. Maximize your GUI wallet window once again.

Click Tools > Debug Console and type:

masternode outputs

Copy the output to notepad.

Before you can close the adeptio GUI wallet you should have had coppied this information:

Your external IP addr of VPS
Masternode outputs result
Masternode genkey result

Close adeptio GUI wallet. We need to edit the config file in adeptio content folder.

For Linux open a file: 
For Windows open a file:
C:\Users{Your User Name}\AppData\Roaming\ADE\adeptio.conf
Paste at the bottom this text and save the file: 

Close it. Open another file in the same directory. If it not exist – create it. File called: masternode.conf

For Linux: 
For Windows:
C:\Users{Your User Name}\AppData\Roaming\ADE\masternode.conf

Once opened, delete all the content and paste new one:

YourMasternodeName YourexternalIPaddrofVPS:9077 MasternodeGenkeyresult MasternodeOutputsResult 0 or 1

YourMasternodeName – could be anything. For example: mymn1

Save the file and close it. Start GUI wallet. Wait for sync’ 100%. Click masternode tab. You should see a masternode you just created. Click Tools > Debug Console and type:

masternode start-alias yourMasterNodeNameHere

Wait for half an hour and check if it’s on masternode list:

Congratulations the setup completed.

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