How to setup adeptio hot masternode on Linux VPS?

This method no longer accurate and deprecated.

Please use adeptio Wiki page to get the latest instructions

A step by step guide howto create own Adeptio Masternode Server

There are different ways to set-up a masternode. This method requires a Virtual Private Server, eliminating the need to run your own computer 24/7. Your funds are stored on VPS!

The following requirements are needed to set-up a adeptio coin masternode:


  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server.
  • CPU: 1 fast core or more
  • Memory: 1024MB or higher
  • Disk: 20GB or higher
  • Network: 100 Mbps or faster
  • Static IPv4 or IPv6
  • Coins: 10 000 ADE. (You can buy it here)


Login with ssh to your virtual machine, server or computer. You can use regular user with sudo rights (safer) or root. For example:

ssh [email protected]

or if you are using putty sofware:

Once we logged in to VPS we should see something similar:

Now we can use installation scripts from official adeptio github repository.

You can manually review installation script code:

Code for IPv4

Code for IPv6

If you want to setup IPv4 hot masternode – copy the following line and paste to linux VPS console:

cd ~/ && sudo apt-get install curl -y && bash <(curl -s | tee ~/adeptio_masternode_installation.log

If you want to setup IPv6 hot masternode – copy the following line and paste to linux VPS console:

cd ~/ && sudo apt-get install curl -y && bash <(curl -s | tee ~/adeptio_masternode_installation.log

Next follow instructions during installation. It could take up to an hour depending on your VPS network and CPU speed.

Once setup finishes you should see the status:

Checking masternode status:
"vin" : "CTxIn(COutPoint(0c80bae9184d49886d9188b1091d026830ecb4b8b5b5acbd84836d6b602f23e4, 0), scriptSig=)",
"service" : "YourIP:9077",
"pubkey" : "AJyMrWQf2oHTnqqomu8JHcHH7t6Stj8CBg",
"status" : "Masternode successfully started"

Now you can check your VPS status from GUI wallet in masternodes tab.

Congratulations the setup completed.

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What is adeptio block explorer?


Even though a lot of cryptocurrency users rely on block explorers for all kinds of information, a lot of novice users do not have a clue as to why these tools are so valuable. There are quite a few interesting things one can do with a block explorer, either for adeptio coin or for a specific altcoin. Tools like these should never be underestimated, as they provide a ton of valuable details regarding the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Why Block Explorers Matter

On the surface, a block explorer looks like a bunch of confusing data when someone is new to cryptocurrency. A lot of data is provided on the screen, yet very little of it makes sense at first. However, once one gets a better understanding of what it is we are actually seeing on the block explorer itself, things quickly start to fall into place.

A cryptocurrency block explorer shows the latest blocks in the blockchain. For example, if a new bitcoin block is discovered by miners, all block explorers should list it the second it is generated on the network. Clicking on a specific network block will provide users with more information regarding its size, when it was found, and more importantly, which transactions it contains.

There is much more to the block explorers we are using today, though. Looking at a specific block also provides the hash of every block. This hash is quite complicated to generate and becomes more difficult as time progresses. There is also a link to previous network blocks, all of which have a unique hash and a set of transactions as well.

A block explorer is also a valuable tool to see how the current block reward for every network block is distributed to the miners who helped solve its hash. The first transaction of every block is the income earned by the miners. All other transactions are fund transfers generated by adeptio users and the associated fees used to broadcast that transaction. While this information may not be vital to everyone, it is a good way to see how adeptio coins are generated by mining and how they are distributed.

Even though the name “block explorer” would suggest it can only be used to look up individual network blocks, that is not the case. Block explorers can also search for transaction IDs and wallet addresses, making them quite a nifty tool to check on specific transactions to your own wallet address. A block explorer quickly becomes a tool everyone in the cryptocurrency relies on virtually every day, yet they are far more versatile than people anticipate.